7 நாளில் இவ்வளவு வித்தியாசமா ? Weight loss diet plan

Newest video release related to weight loss diet. Watch this “7 நாளில் இவ்வளவு வித்தியாசமா ? Weight loss diet plan” video below:

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2 WEEKS PLAN Early morning + Lukewarm water (1 glass) Breakfast (8AM-9AM): Whole wheat Veg pasta or Semolina Veg Upma (1 bowl) + Soaked Almonds (5) Mid -Morning: Soup & Boiled Vegetables + Hummus (1tbsp) / Cheese (1/2 slice) + Boiled Roasted Carrot (1) Lunch (1PM-2PM): Brown rice kichdi /Pulao (1bowl) + Veg Chutney (2tbsp) + Bone/Chicken Broth (1 bowl) Mid -Evening (5PM): Cinnamon Tea (1cup) + Egg whites (2) Dinner (7PM-8PM): Veg Paratha (1) + Soya/Paneer kebabs (2 small) + Buttermilk with basil seeds (1/2 glass) Bedtime…..(read more)

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