Dr Fuhrman's Top 10 Weight Loss Tips – Eat To Live

Newest video release about weight loss tips. Have a look at this “Dr Fuhrman's Top 10 Weight Loss Tips – Eat To Live” video below:

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Lose weight and improve your health – in record time! Here, I explore Dr Joel Fuhrman’s Top 10 Eat To Live Tips for Aggressive Weight Loss.

►► What’s The Number One Lesson You Learned From Eat To Live?
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00:00 Intro – Lose 15lb in less than 6 weeks!
00:52 Salad is the Main Dish
01:34 Sweeten with Fruit
02:22 Fill Up on Fiber
03:08 Be Starch Smart
04:53 Beans are your BFF
05:52 Eliminate Animal Products
07:41 Nuts & Seeds, NOT Oil
09:26 Tame Toxic Hunger
11:21 Understand…..(read more)

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