Herbalife Weight Loss Diet Plan (1-MONTH) | Parifitcoach | IN HINDI

Newest video updates about weight loss diet. Have a look at this “Herbalife Weight Loss Diet Plan (1-MONTH) | Parifitcoach | IN HINDI” video below:

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Hello friends
In this video i am going to share about herbalife Weight loss Diet Plan in Hindi 😊💪

This is a 5-Meal Diet plan means while following this diet plan you need to eat small portion but eat frequently 🍎🥗

This Diet Plan is of total 1100-1400 calories only, that will help you to lose weight average 4-6KGs✌️😊

DISCLAIMER:- This Products is not intended to diagnose, treat, Prevent or cure any disease. Pregnant or lactating women should consult their physician prior to use of this…..(read more)

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