I PRANKED GNC! (they gave my horse weight loss pills)

Newest video updates regarding weight loss pills. Have a look at this “I PRANKED GNC! (they gave my horse weight loss pills)” video below:

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Hey guys I’m back with a few pranks I shot with @filipefc12 follow him on insta! I talk about the comedy show with @dannymullen which was a huge success. Let me know what you guys think so far about the channel I took a break to see what kinda direction I wanna go.

This GNC prank was pretty epic, as well as a few other mall shenanigans!!!.

Next week I got an AQUAMAN banger coming your way

shout out @sknez14 for another near million views on Tik Tok my Tik Tok: leodott

We got a show (Danny and I) in NYC!! go to…..(read more)

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