Scientists develop "miracle" weight loss pill 안 먹어도 먹은 듯…획기적 살 빼는

Latest video release related to weight loss pills. Have a look at this “Scientists develop "miracle" weight loss pill 안 먹어도 먹은 듯…획기적 살 빼는” video below:

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A lot of weight-loss products on the market promise you the world when it comes to shedding those extra pounds… but most of them fail to live up to the hype.
But the answer to every dieter′s prayers could have arrived in the shape of a pill which its developers say tricks the body into thinking it has eaten a hearty meal.
Kim Hyun-bin reports.
Most overweight people would do whatever it takes to shed a few unwanted kilograms from their hips, tummy or buttocks.
While physical exercise is proven to work,… it takes a…..(read more)

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