Weight Loss On A Plant-Based Diet – What Is The Evidence?

Newest video release regarding weight loss diet. Have a look at this “Weight Loss On A Plant-Based Diet – What Is The Evidence?” video below:

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What does science show is the best way to lose weight? By Dr. Michael Greger.

1:54 – introducing a plant based diet as the solution to the obesity epidemic
2:22 – the world ignored an effective cure for our leading cause of death
4:13 – getting to the truth about weight loss
6:20 – isn’t a calorie a calorie, wherever it’s from? – food industry misinformation
8:11 – the concept of calorie density
10:30 – losing weight eating more
12:29 – pre-loading: the effect of a first course salad
14:22 – negative calorie…..(read more)

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