Weightloss with Orlistat (Xenical 120mg, Alli 60mg)

Latest video release related to weight loss pills. Watch this “Weightloss with Orlistat (Xenical 120mg, Alli 60mg)” video below:

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All talking video talking about my weightloss with Orlistat! I started off with Alli 60mg then ended up on Xenical 120mg

I work nights and that caused my weight to fluctuate rapidly over a year! It is hard to lose weight when you work 4 nights a week and have to decide if you want to sleep or eat!!

Start weight was 15st 7lbs with a BMI of 35
Current weight (13/3/13) 13st 13lbs BMI 31

Alli/Xenical do work! You just have to put the effort in and be willing to make the changes needed for better

Aim to…..(read more)

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